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About us

1) Mission

We are an Ecuadorian social aid organization that offers new hope for children and young people with special abilities through horse-assisted therapies, providing support in education, development, training and initiation to society, improving quality of life for all the family

2) Vision


To become the first Equine Therapy Center of the Cantón Mejía where it can support some 960 people with disabilities per year.

3) Kind of Hypotherapy

It is not intended that the patient learn to ride a horse, on the contrary, the basic objective is for the child to establish an affective relationship with the equine where he finds safety. Once in confidence the patient on the horse will have an instructor for the different exercises.

  1. Passive hypotherapy accompanied:  the patient rides together with the therapist or a family member to gain confidence.
  2. Passive hypotherapy alone:  the patient rides alone, but without taking the reins, doing exercises in different positions.